The technologies of "dry construction" with the use of sheet materials have been widely used due to their economy, speed and ease of work. However, each of the building panels existing on the market today has certain disadvantages, which narrows the scope of their application. Some of them have insufficient resistance to water, fire or freezing temperatures.

Others are characterized by high fragility and low anti-vandal resistance. Still others cannot boast of good environmental performance. Domestic experts have solved all these problems in one product by creating a fire-, moisture-, frost-resistant reinforced cement-perlite plate produced under the ArmPanel trademark.

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ArmPanel - produced in sheets 1200 * 2400 mm, thickness 9 and 12 mm from perlite concrete. Expanded perlite used as a filler gives the material high heat and sound insulation and fire safety performance, while significantly reducing the panel weight. In addition, the product has very good moisture and frost resistance characteristics - it does not swell in water and withstands more than 150 freeze and thaw cycles.

ArmPanel can be used in any kind of general construction work where there is a place for sheet material. It is used for:

  1. Production of facade structures on a wooden or metal frame, including using in systems with a ventilated facade.
  2. Roofing works as a waterproof, non-combustible underlay for a soft roof.
  3. Erection of walls, partitions, ceilings and floors, in the transition from a wooden floor to a cement one.
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